The Story of a Brain EP

by Allison Rose

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A small collection of original poetry and sound art by author and voice actor, Allison Rose.


released May 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Allison Rose

Allison Rose is a voice actress, author, and aspiring poet. When not writing, you'll likely find her reading, trying to play guitar, or adding to an ever-growing pile of works-in-progress.

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Track Name: When the Cool Kids Come Knocking at My Door
Hello there, this is a courtesy visit to you
I wanna tell you what all the cool kids do
Because I wanna make a cool kid out of you
I'll tell you the things I believe to be true

Hello there, kind sir, can I make you see
What other kids do doesn't matter to me
There are so many things a person can be
Go swim in your oasis; I'll stay in this tree

But ma'am, you really should show some respect
The things I can show, you might not expect
On all that I stand for my actions reflect
A grave, grave sin it would be to reject

But sir, I hope you'll try to understand
Diversity is worth trying to comprehend
Please, sir, don't cross my line in the sand
From across this line, I still shake your hand

So you really won't try what the cool kids do
And try to enjoy all these things I hold true
I hope you get it, my favorite color's blue
So if you join us, it can still be yours too

But I like my rainbow of my own choice
I prefer to tune out the background noise
As I try to figure out my own equipoise
I'm so sorry to disappoint you, boys

But please ma'am, if you simply believe
All of this goodness you soon shall receive
That's all you need to do, then you can leave
To come back with joy, bearing your sheaves

Aha, I see what you're doing there
Think you can use my words anywhere
Twist 'em and turn 'em, think I care?
'Coz I know what works for me, so there!

But ma'am--

Have a nice day.